Office Mascot Gets a Name

Feb 20, 2020

If you've visited our office, you may have seen our woolly mascot and teaching model - Lady Baa Baa.

She has been joined by a dairy cow who was nameless. The dairy cow is used by Randi Black, our Dairy Advisor, when she visits educational venues. 

There was a naming contest held a the Youth Agriculture and Animal Science Field Day in early February. Kids submitted names and, in keeping with the farm animal theme, Randi's backyard hens picked a winner - see video!

Introducing Mackenzie the Moo Cow, name submitted by Marianna. 

Video of chicken picking a name:

 Chick-hens ?? featured in the video:

"Red" the small red hen, a Red Leghorn. She is the star and picks out the name.

“Biscuit” the Black feather-legged hen. She's a Cochin.

“Ronnie Swanshen” the white fluffy hen, a Silkie.

“Tammy” the black hen with golden neck. She's a Black Sex-link.

“White Meat” the white hen with black accents. She's a Colombian Wyandotte.

By Karen Giovannini
Author - Agriculture Ombudsman

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