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Rangeland Summit
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Contact: karensweet@carangeland.org
Sponsor: UCCE Stanislaus

Rangeland Summit 2021: Hi and Lo Tech on Rangelands

Presented by California Rangeland Conservation Coalition and UC Cooperative Extension.

January 26-29, 2021, 1:00-3:30pm  ~  A Virtual Event 


Tuesday, January 26 - Earth to Sky 

Evaluating the use of a multi-drone system to monitoring rangeland landscapes.  Dr. Libby Porzig, Point Blue

Innovation & Installation of Barb-wire Fencing. Chris Hannekan, Southwest Fencing

Virtual Fencing to Herd & Exclude Fencing. Dr. Dana Campbell, Australia

Field Notes:

  • Endangered Species: At Home on the Range. Catherine Little, Center for Natural Lands  Management
  • Match.Graze: Find your Perfect Match through Grazing. Stephanie Larson, UCCE
  • How Adding Compost on Rangelands Can Help. Alicia Herrera, Point Blue 

Wednesday, January 27 - Data
Photo by Sheila Barry

Pasture Map.  CK Wisniewski and Brian Alexander, Rancher

Using the Rangeland Analysis Platform for Management and Conservation. Jeremy Maestes, NRCS and Matt Jones, Univ of Montana

COMET Planner: Quantifying Carbon Sequestration and GHG Emissions Reductions from Voluntary Agricultural Conservation Practices. Dr. Adam Chambers,NRCS

Field Notes:

  • Conservation Stewardship Program, Carlos Suarez, NRCS
  • Getting Down into the Weeds: How Mapping Invasive Plants Informs Landscape-level Prioritization. Doug Johnson, California Invasive Plant Council
  • Range Manager of the Year Presentation. Marc Horney and Royce Larsen, Cal Pac Society for Range Management

Thursday, January 28 - Low Tech Restoration

How to Use Low Tech Restoration on Your Ranch. Dr. Joe Wheaton, Utah State Univ.

Doty Ravine Restoration.  Damion Ciotti and Jared McKeen, USFWS Partners for Fish and Wildlife

Picture Stories of a Modoc Ranch Riparian Restoration Over Time and the Agency and NGOs Collaboration to Make It Happen.  Glenn Nader, Witcher Creek.

Native American Burning for Cultural Resources.  Ron Goode, North Fork Mono

Friday, January 29 - Animal Technology

Using Livestock Guardian Dogs as a Livestock Protection Tool. Dr. Carolyn Whitesell, University  of California Cooperative Extension, San Mateo County

Using Camera Traps to Learn about Wildlife & Livestock on the Range.  Dr. Felix Ratcliff, LD Ford, rangeland conservation science consultants

Working Dogs and Livestock: Demonstration and Discussion. Bonnie Richardson

Field Notes:

  • Low-cost Technology for Tracking Livestock Guardian Dog Behavior. Dan Macon, California Wool Growers Association
  • Living with Lions.  Michelle Blake, Mountain Lion Foundation
  • Excellence in Range Management Presentation. Devi Rao, Cal Pac Society for Range Management

$25 per daily session or $75 for 4 sessions.
Students $15 per session or $40 for 4 sessions